Imagine jumping out of a helicopter in the dark of night and swimming to safety, shooting the most sophisticated weapons in the military, driving a car on two wheels around Atlanta Motor Speedway, suspending 300 feet off the ground on a SPIEs rope, and going on a real-life, daring rescue mission riddled with uncertainty, risk and exposure.

Now imagine sitting around the fire pit with a few beers, outside an estate home on a 28-acre Plantation along the lakefront of Lake Oconee.

You’re telling stories and reminiscing about being challenged in ways you never thought you would and supporting buddies who did something they never thought they would do. You did this together.

This is where it all take place.


Strap in and fly nighttime missions with the Night Stalkers, the U.S. Army’s Special Operations aviation unit. These highly trained combat pilots fly impossibly demanding missions in all environments, anywhere in the world, with unparalleled precision.