The career experience and knowledge found within the Greystone team is unrivaled.

The team members working within Greystone are among the highest qualified personnel in the world within their respective specialty.


The production management side of Greystone is composed of the film industry’s leading personnel within stunt coordination, aerial action, pyrotechnics, special effects, and stunt driving. When a team member is not working on a Greystone experience, you will find them on the sets of the largest TV and film productions in the world.


Working in collaboration with Greystone’s production management team, is the military advisory board. This team comprises a broad array of former military operators and law enforcement officers. The advisory board develops the experiences, allowing the production team to bring the missions to life.

The military and law enforcement members within Greystone come from various backgrounds. A guest can expect to operate side by side with former SWAT officers, 160th Night Stalker pilots, Green Berets, Rangers, and former Special Operators. Their real world experience draws out the inspiration and detail of each Greystone operation, allowing the guest to be immersed inside of an adrenaline-packed world that quickly becomes reality.